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Phrases to know:

"Leaving behind your old life is not wrong

if your action is justified."


"If you value the life of others, you must

value your own life. Not taking care of

your own life is a sign of recklessness."


"Your dreams are the foundation of your

life. Without it, you will have no goal."


"Achieve your purpose not with words but with



"No happiness comes from grieving.

For sadness will create further sadness,

that is the law that I follow and live with."


"Do not cling to false hope. Fate is there

for you at your times of darkness."


"Let go of fear. Doing so awakens one`s

inner potential."


"Your pride is meaningless if you lived a

worthless life."



"A person does his best when a motivation



"Reach out to your destiny. Life is merely

a challenge for you until the end."


"Show no regrets in moments of sadness.

Another day shall rise from the ocean

of tears."


"For the sake of yourself, do not forget

to trust your faith to the Gods."


"Memories are precious. They are the foundation

that forges your personality."


"Always working is not good. The human body

has it`s limit. Once it`s reached you must

rest it."


"Between Heaven and Hell is Earth. Humans can

go at both sides anytime."


"Troubles at this moment are merely temporary.

Like a storm, it will go away soon."


"If you lack faith in yourself, then you don`t

deserve to have a purpose."


"Living is not the same as purpose, for life is

to stand together with purpose for neither will

exist if the other doesn`t."


"Requiring the help of others is just pitiful.

Having such low self-esteem will be no good for

your future that awaits."


"Between Life and Death, A man will either cling

to both depending on his view of things"


"Decide your Fate. Destiny does not shape what

you become. You create your own future."


"Shape the Future. Only with your own hands can

you claim your dreams."


"...The End of life is always there. Like a

thief, it will come at any moment. That is why,

you should live your life without regrets until

the end."


"The mystery is what makes life great. For the

mysteries spread up ahead until the end of the



"Those who helps those who don`t help themselves

learn their gullibility is what makes their

problem snowball right back at them."


"A challenge is what makes life beautiful. For

a life with no challenge is merely death."


"Fame is not the end of life. For it is also

not the meaning of life. Seeking fame and

attention will not reach the future."


"Trust is fragile. It is the edge between friends

and enemies. In the end, the border of friends

and enemies will become blurred."


"Survival is impossible alone. Even if you don`t

trust others. You can only survive with supporters

by your side."


"Low self-esteem is what makes people weak. Having

no trust within yourself is what creates disorder."


"A man`s will and determination can overcome the

paths that the gods had laid for him. If dying is

his purpose then let him accept that fate if that

is how it is."


"Origin came from Nothingness. Nothingness came

from Origin. Both are the foundation that supports

reality. Both are the same coin. Both represent

the inner meaning of life and death... They

exist yet they do not exist. An eternal mystery."

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Reply Reverance
11:09 PM on July 9, 2011 
Interesting quotes.
Reply Jordan Gibbs
12:53 PM on August 2, 2010 
It does? Makes sense to me.