Edge of Infinity - ∞ at 0

We were born on this world for a purpose...

I.Chapter 0:Prologue

 1.Episode 1:Introduction - Humble Beginnings
 2.Episode 2:2000
 3.Episode 3:Prologue
 4.Episode Final:The Beginning of the End

>>Episode 1:Introduction - Humble Beginnings                                               It all began here. A very long time ago...

Kaio... A world that exists far beyond our own. Coexisting together with us. A World of War and Conflict...

Everything began a long time ago. In the beginning there was nothing. The quiet void of emptiness known as "Outer Space". It was in this place that seven Divine Beings are gathered... The Seven Gods of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark and Force.

    Flarena of the Flames, the Fire Goddess.
    Aquasol of the Waters, the Water God.
    Gaius of the Earths, the Earth God.
    Aero of the Winds, the Wind God.
    Revelation of the Lights, the Light God which is also the leader.
    Kuro of the Darkness, the Shade God and...
    Chikara of the Heavens, the Force Goddess.

These seven are the creator of Kaio. The creator of all life. But above them is a greater God, the being known as Creator, or just God. It watches over their work as they slowly form Kaio from their powers. They created beings which are known as "Nirvana" to watch over all of life on Kaio. But, as Fate may have willed it, they became conquerors. Wishing to show their power, they slowly turned a peaceful world into a dystopian empire of the Nirvana. Living in the center of the Supercontinent of Atlasia, they lived a life of luxury and power which lasted merely 200 Years...

 Until a catastrophe known as the Meteor Crash annihilated every last one of their kind...

The Seven Gods were not happy about this. But the slow rise of humanity was enough for them to cease their anger. They devoted themselves into watching these interesting beings and seeing just how much can they acheive...

Slowly but surely, the humans evolved and began to prosper. But they lost the power to wield the weapons created by their ancestors, better known as True Humans...

 War never left Kaio. As much as they prosper, the worse is their downfall.

Among the most powerful families on the world, there was the Delacroix. So called ruler of the world. Just being powerful was not enough for them. Their eyes were clouded by power. They wish to seek more power for theirs is never enough. As swift as it was, they began a war of conquest. A few resisted but were no match for them. But then, in their hour of glory, an unknown man stood in their path.

This man is the Azure Knight. The Hero of the First Globar War. The only man who stood in their way. The only one who rivals their immense power by sheer determination alone. This man, defeated the Lord of the Delacroix in an intense fight and won the world it`s peace and prosperity once again. And war has finally ended. As the curtains of war close, so does the fate of the Azure Knight. His mark on history will be remembered. Passed on through generation through generation. His descendants, the Reco Family, carries on his name for all of eternity...


A long time has passed... The year was 1997. Kaio has been, for a long time, peaceful. The major factions all over the world has banded together in order to ensure total peace for the world. Humanity combined most of its resources to fund a new utopia. Among the people helping, there was one man enthusiastic about it. This man was Zeto. In quite an early age, he had always been fascinated by science and magic. A distinguished student, he was the lead scientist in the observation of the world beyond them: Space.

It all started in this room. a laboratory, Five people. They were all busy with whatever business they have. A few were already playing cards, while some continue to finish what they had started. In the far edge corner of the room, a man is sitting quietly, sipping his tea while writing down data collected that day, Zeto. Outside, it`s rather dark but it`s not as much since the moon illuminates the area.

As on cue, Zeto finishes writing down notes and said "The missing fundamental link. The missing mineral, The Psion, is an energy source so powerful a 3 meter size stone can power an entire city... It became apparent that this mineral was not of our world but how did they find it? More Importantly a meteor that is carrying this 'Mineral' will be coming down the World as we speak. We must secure it at all costs."

Quickly, a man came to his side. A scientist by the name of Roy Sein which is written on his ID.

Adjusting his glasses, he looks at Zeto. "Mr. Reco" murmured Roy "It seems there was a miscalculation."

Zeto, now looking at Roy, remarked "What do you mean by that? About what anyways?"

Roy scratches his head before replying "About the time the meteor will arrive."

There was a hint of shock on Zeto`s eyes but his face does not show it. Clearing his throat, "But won`t the meteor arrive next week?" he asked.

Hesistantily, Roy spoke once again "No sir, It will arrive tonight." with that, Zeto accidentally dropped his mug.

"What! But how did-" before Zeto could continue, Roy cutted him off.

"It came a little early because it passed by a wormhole sir." explained Roy. Zeto slowly sat down and started picking up the fragments of his mug.

After picking the last piece, he finally said "Wormholes. Typical of them."  In Zeto`s mind, there dwell a thought on his plans to manipulate worm holes into a useful thing in the future due to their unique ability to transfer anything that passes through them to another point in the future or even the past.

A several minutes have passed since then, and Zeto, outside together with one of his friends await the so-called meteor they were studying.

"It`s arriving soon."
the guy beside Zeto said, while smoking a pipe.

"You shouldn`t be smoking too much, by the time the we could have found the Meteor, your lungs will fail you." Zeto said, in warning tone to him.

"Don`t worry about me. That thing will change our life completely... That is why I`m glad to had been one of the few to assist in the Psion`s forging." he replied.

Episode End