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Eve's Duet MUGEN Information Database

 The first Chapter of HvH MUGEN. This is where it all began.

Chris, The Crimson Meteor

"Just goes to show you don't need to devote yourself in one thing forever."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The founder of Rebellion's Heart. A smiling young man who has a knack for preparing ahead of time. He's a straightforward fighter who adapts through situations easily... while smiling. Underneath that smile though, hides a tactical genius which can easily overcome opponents with quick prejudice. Even without the help of others, he's proven to be quite a capable fighter. While not fighting, he's shown to be quite a snarker. Alongside Sol, he forms a comedy duo.

Non-battle Theme: Lawless Guys (Wild Arms XF)

Battle Theme: Duel Theme 6 (GunZ: The Duel)

Origin: King of Fighters 

Amasawa Ikumi, The Bloody Genocide

"It was suppose to be a bloody revenge. Let's change the idea though."

Alignment: True Neutral

A girl who has access to an uncontrollable bloodlust. Her mother died and she later found out she was a member of the mysterious FARGO and she wants to find out the truth of her death. Unfortunately, Saotome Jin attacked their HQ the day she was suppose to join. With that, her vengeance was then shifted to him. She's a calm, collected individual who has analytical prowess that outmatches many of her age. She had undeveloped psychic abilities linked with blood. Once she had gathered enough blood from an opponent, she'll temporarily go nuts and awaken a latent power she calls Genocide.

Non-battle Theme: An Old Story from Grandma (Mabinogi)

Battle Theme: The War is Begin (Valkyrie Sky)

Origin: Moon. 

Sol Badguy, The Immoral Flame

"Let's crank up the heat up to eleven."

Alignment: Neutral Good

A mysterious person who wields a sword which can control fire. He's partly a jerk and partly a nice guy. He's the 3rd member of Rebellion's Heart and began the mercenary career of the group. He easily befriended Shiki after a few days of hanging out with him. Generally, he acts as Chris' foil and often battles him in terms of wits. He shares an unhealthy relationship with Jin, whom he thinks as a bit too cocky and independent.


Non-battle Theme: Lawless Guys (Wild Arms XF)

Battle Theme: Keep Yourself Alive III (Guilty Gear 2: Overture)

Origin: Guilty Gear

Saotome Jin, The Cyberbot Champion

"In a way, we're the same."

Alignment: Chaotic Good

A lone wanderer with a giant mecha known as a Variant Armor, the BX-02 Blodia. He seeks to become the strongest fighter in honor of his dead father, who died because of a rogue comrade in a super soldier program. He's pretty hot-blooded and won't back down to any fight easily. In battle, he has access to fiery attacks and the support of Blodia to aid him in combat. Ikumi holds intense hatred for him due to a past event.


Non-battle Theme: Lawless Guys (Wild Arms XF)

Battle Theme: Geometric blue - on the edge of orbit (RAY KUDRYAVKA musiX)

Origin: Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness

Tohno Shiki, The Eyes of Death Perception

"This is what it means to kill."

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Tohno Shiki is a young man possessing the ability to "perceive the death of all things", which appears as black lines running all over a person or object. He has a honest and kind personality. But he`s rather dense. Normally just an innocent guy, but if anything remotely inhuman comes in his way, he won`t hesitate to kill it. He`s trained in the ways of the Nanaya clan and excels in using a knife. Despite it not being sharp, he can easily use it with conjunction along with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. However, he dislikes killing. He will never kill an innocent human. But he will not to hesitate killing non-humans who has unjust intentions.

Non-battle Theme: Justice (Shingetsutan Tsukihime)

Battle Theme: Wonderful Boy (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Tsukihime

Dr. Albert W. Wily, The Mastermind of Robots

"Now the world is mine!"

Alignment: Neutral Evil 

Infamous for his role in creating the first robot, Wily is a megalomaniacial individual who once used robots as a way of ruling the world. He recently joined forces with the leader of The Faction in order to create something far more dangerous than what he can hope to create. Due to that, he had volunteered to become the host of Eve's Duet, researching more upon what he can utilize. Using the combat data he gathered throughout the tournament, he finally managed to create something that can finally have him rule the world at long last...

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Megaman/Rockman

Ein, The Phantom of Inferno

"Target Sighted."

Alignment: True Neutral

Known as the SS-ranked Assassin, she's a young girl that leads a group of mercenaries for hire called Inferno. She is completely devoted to her work and never expresses emotion, almost to the point of being a machine. Outside of work, she usually remains idle, awaiting the next mission to be given to her. Sometimes, if the situation calls for it, she'll stop holding back and begin to take full advantage of her true capabilities. Once this happens, her target will have little to no chance of living.

Non-battle Theme: Mission (Phantom the Animation)

Battle Theme: Search and Destroy (Phantom of Inferno)

Origin: Phantom of Inferno

Silver, The Destructive Giant

"Crush all who opposes us!"

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

A large man who trained body and mind to peak power. Many fear him for his appearance and he awaits any who wishes to challenge him. He eventually encountered Ein, who was hired to find him in Germany. The fight ended in a draw and Silver eventually decided to join The Faction, from Ein's advice. That, and to find more powerful opponents. He has access to earth-based abilities gained from his training. Despite his huge size, he's a rather agile individual. To him, all that matters is absolute power. Ein keeps a close eye on Silver for any possibilities of betrayal...

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: massive strokes (Chaos Legion)

Origin: Buriki One

Juggernaut, The Unstoppable One

 "I'm... Juggernaut!"

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

A huge man, larger than even Silver himself, who possesses an enormous amount of strength. His power is a result of a crimson gem embedded within his chest, if it is removed, there is a chance he'll return to his former self. He acts as The Faction's anti-assault beef gate. He joined The Faction similarly with Silver, he was also defeated by Ein. Likewise, Ein also keeps a close eye on him, though the chances of Juggernaut betraying The Faction is slim compared to Silver.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Marvel Comics

Akatsuki Musashi, The Sword Saint


Alignment: True Neutral

A samurai who is known as the only current living Sword Saint. His basis lies on the original Miyamoto Musashi, who was also known as a Sword Saint. Likewise, he also wields a pair of swords and is easily considered as one of the most powerful members of The Faction, right next to Ein. He's relentless, persistent and is generally almost as heartless as her in battle, but has a strong code of honor. Kaigen seems to know him from a past encounter.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Last Blade

Michael Roa Valdamjong, The Serpent of Akasha

"I have surpassed even death!"

Alignment: Neutral Evil

A powerful vampire who is considered as the only Dead Apostle Ancestor to have achieved perfect immortality. Whenever he dies, he reincarnates into a newborn child with a high social standing and high magical potential. Due to a mysterious force, Roa has returned to life despite being killed by Shiki a long time ago. He currently resides in what seems to be a replica of SHIKI's body. He retains some of his former abilities in sorcery and is well-versed in lightning-elemental sorcery.

Non-battle Theme: Beleaguer (Shingetsutan Tsukihime)

Battle Theme: The Wilderness of Sadness (Tales of the Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)

Origin: Tsukihime

Vega, The Mighty Bison

 "You see, this world is ruled by strength."

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Despite being infamous as a cruel and heartless monster, in Eve's Duet, Vega was given a sympathetic motive. He seeks to rule the world in order to bring equality upon all. By any means possible. He originally started the Shadoloo organization, which was eventually eliminated by Ryu. Afterwards, he went into hiding and resurfaced years later with a hitmen organization, The Faction. Ein is considered as his right-hand and acts as his attack dog. He has access to an evil energy empowered by resentment, the Psycho Power.

Non-battle Theme: Brave Fight (Phantasy Star Universe)

Battle Theme: SPACE GENERATOR (霧元レンジ)

Origin: Street Fighter

BUTA, The Ultimate Machina

Alignment: None

A powerful robot created by Wily to intercept Rebellion's Heart. Not much info is know about it. Specializes in quick motions and fire-based attacks.

Battle Theme: Xanthe (Xenoblade)

Origin: Original

Sawatari Makoto, The Kitsune Gunslinger

"Makoto's gonna be the heroine one day!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

A young girl who is actually a fox given human form. Young and quite immature, she often wanders around whenever she has nothing to do... and frequently causes mischief that way. On the flip side, she's often staying in a certain street somewhere near Monomi Hill. Rumors even say she sleeps there. She tends to be reckless and often causes trouble for everyone around her, mostly due to her mischievous habits. She has a strong dislike for people who doesn't like having fun.

Non-battle Theme: Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan)

Battle Theme: Kimi ga Ireba

Origin: Kanon

Tohno Akiha, The Lady of the Manor

"I am the head of the Tohno Family! Don't think it is that easy to confront me!"

Alignment: True Neutral

The head of the Tohno Family. She is a simple person. However, despite her simplicity, she hides a demonic ability to plunder the heat from another person. She managed to supress majority of her demon heritage. Due to unknown circumstances since Tohno Makihisa's death, Akiha sent majority of the servants away except for sisters Hisui and Kohaku. She is a protective younger sister to Shiki, much to his dismay. When the situation calls for it, she's actually not a bad strategist, she can equal Chris in terms of planning.

Non-battle Theme: Elegant Summer (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Battle Theme: Noble Mind

Origin: Tsukihime

Kohaku, The Devil in the Apron

"This won't hurt one bit!"

Alignment: Chaotic Mad

A maid of the Tohno Mansion. She's Akiha's personal maid, cook and gardener. She has some basic understanding of medicine and is actually quite skilled in many unknown fields. Underneath that sunshine smile though... lies a broken doll with cunning intellect. Ikumi once saw Kohaku murder Tohno Makahisa with her own eyes. Due to this, Kohaku is actually quite cautious of Ikumi and even threatened to kill her at some point if she plans to reveal the truth.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: PE-RI-CA (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Tsukihime

Hisui, The Jade-eyed Facade

"Um, if you excuse me..."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A maid of the Tohno Mansion. She was assigned as Shiki's personal maid. When it comes to cleaning, she's unmatched. However, Kohaku is still a superior gardener compared to Hisui. She doesn't excel in cooking either. However, despite all that setbacks, she has a unique capability of hypnotism. Even with a calm face, she can dictate that you are the criminal. She has a minor role in Eve's Duet and isn't featured heavily unlike her sister.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: Tenseness (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Tsukihime

Kanzaki Hayato, The Star Gladiator

"Slice and dice. That's it."

Alignment: Neutral Good

One of the few Ace Mercenaries. Hayato is a lone individual who usually takes high-risk jobs from the Bounty Hunter's Guild. He's feared in battle as an agile and powerful warrior. Normally, he's nice and a little stoic when spoke to, but he's good at heart despite that. He highly respects those who are strong and honorable. With his use of a plasma saber, he is often mocked as a "Jedi" by many of his peers in the Guild.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: The Sin War (RAY KUDRYAVKA musiX)

Origin: Star Gladiator

Aozaki Aoko, The Wielder of the 5th Magic

"If it's there and I see it, it's gonna go boom!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good 

Wielder of the 5th Magic, known as Blue. She's a dangerous and highly wanted fugitive hunted down by various magus. An extraordinary sorcerer, she can easily use huge amounts of destructive magic with short amounts of magic circuit. Underneath the cold-hearted powerful magician, is a caring individual who is willing to lead others into doing the right thing. She's not with good terms with her sister, Aozaki Touko.

Non-battle Theme: Pre-battle 4 (Melty Blood Re-ACT)

Battle Theme: Beat from Melty Blood -MBAC&MBAA mix- (malice600)

Origin: Tsukihime

Ishima Kaigen, The Former Commander

"Dishonorable garbage... Know true honor and justice by my blade!"

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A soldier who fights using a katana. Despite her appearance, she's actually an 82 year-old soldier who retired just recently. She was once a Lieutenant who faught during World War II and got promoted to Commander after the war ended. She has a strong sense of honor, and she won't back down once injustice has become obvious to her. She remains highly charismatic despite her age, and her height. Even if she's currently retired, she usually returns to the field of battle whenever something amiss comes.

Non-battle Theme: Theme of Kaigen (Nitro Royale)

Battle Theme: Blinded by Light (Final Fantasy XIII)

Origin: Hanachirasu

Yamazaki Agito of The Dark

"You're gonna get it now!"

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Skillful user of knives, renowned leader of a large gang, master of the dark arts and all-around powerful and charismatic... At least, that's how he was described. For an ordinary human, he's actually quite powerful, but considering the cast of HvH, he's at a severe disadvantage. This makes him the only character to have a 0 win ratio. He's officially known as the butt monkey of HvH.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: Dungeon 2 (Grandia)

Origin: Big Bang Beat

Gilgamesh, The King of Heroes

"Mongrel. You are not worthy of even seeing me!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

The famed king of Babylon. He sides with ANYONE. Even with the protagonists as long as he profits from the situation. An arrogant and egoistical man, he throws insults here and there everywhere and will not back down from a fight if you dare to insult him. While he is arrogant, he does back it up with his own strength. He holds one of the more powerful noble phantasm, Ea and he can also summon countless swords from his vault in Babylon. Calling it out in one of his well-known attacks: "Gate of Babylon".

Non-battle Theme: Golden King (Fate/Stay Night)

Battle Theme: I AM... ALL OF ME - OPENING VER. (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Origin: Fate/Stay Night

Ciel, The 7th of the Burial Agency

"I shall exorcise you in the name of the Lord!"

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A servant of the Church. She's a member of the Burial Agency, a group of executors who destroy any supernatural threats per the Church's orders. She's completely devoted to her duty and is actually quite dangerous. She masks her duty in a guise of a cheerful schoolgirl, with obsession of curry... maybe. She was originally one of Roa's incarnation and quite possibly the closest to his original life. Due to Roa's influences, for some reason, she can't die.

Non-battle Theme: Demoniac (Shingetsutan Tsukihime)

Battle Theme: Truth Behind the Project (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

Origin: Tsukihime

Zao Mai


Alignment: Unknown

A mysterious man who once assisted Vega in his plans but eventually decided to leave due to conflicting interests. He decided to hire Rebellion's Heart to stop Vega from completing his plans.



Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: ???

Tokuhana Hisei


Alignment: Unknown

 A mysterious man who seems to be looking for a job. Sol and Jin actually offered him to join Rebellion's Heart but he declined it. He seems to be quite a humorous and knowledgeable individual. As of now, not much information is known about him.



Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: ???

Hakurei Reimu, The Shrine Maiden of Paradise

"I don't have time to waste on small fry like you."

Alignment: Lawful Good

The Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. She possesses extraordinary power... but she rarely trains. She has friendly personality and generally gets along with most people. Most. Normally, she enjoys the days drinking tea at her shrine but when an incident comes she`ll attempt to resolve it. Most of the time, she succeeds. She's a strong follower of her own intuition.


Non-battle Theme: Eternal Shrine Maiden (Dolls of Pseudo Paradise)

Battle Theme: Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Origin: Touhou Project - Highly Responsive to Prayers

Kirisame Marisa, The Ordinary Black Magician

"Now unleash your annihilation of love!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

A human magician specializing in spark and star-based magic. She's equal to Reimu in terms of power, but has to work hard just to be in equal terms. She's rather smug and snarky and has a shaky friendship with Reimu due to that. She has begun to learn the arts of thievery as a side occupation. Usually, when an incident happens, she follows Reimu's trail. Her basic tactics in combat is to overwhelm her enemies with full-blown firepower. It tends to work most of the time.

Non-battle Theme: Ridiculous Game (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Battle Theme: Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star

Origin: Touhou Project - Story of Eastern Wonderland

Izayoi Sakuya, The Perfect and Elegant Maid

"Your time is mine."

Alignment: Neutral Good

The ever-loyal chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Sakuya excels in cooking, cleaning and does exceptionally better in fending off intruders. She`s loyal to Remilia and will do anything her mistress will order. She`s purely a normal human, but has high magical potential. She can control time itself. Coupled with her specialty with knives, she can prove to be a powerful threat to anyone who dares to oppose Remilia.

Non-battle Theme: Flowering Night (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Battle Theme: Lunar Clock - Lunar Dial (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Origin: Touhou Project - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Remilia Scarlet, The Queen of the Night

"The moon tonight is red, you will know death."

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

A 500-year old vampire who resides in Gensokyo alongside her younger sister, Flandre Scarlet. She's an arrogant and overconfident vampire proud of her own heritage. She looks down upon the weak and insults all of those around her. The mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, her great charisma has led several under her wing, like Izayoi Sakuya and Hong Meiling. Remilia wields unparalleled powers Physically and Magically. She owes one of her greatest source of power to the legendary spear of Odin, Gungnir.

Non-battle Theme: The Young Descendant of Tepes (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

Battle Theme: Septette for the Dead Princess (Any version)

Origin: Touhou Project - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Patchouli Knowledge, The One-week Wizard

"Just ask me any useful knowledge if you wish."

Alignment: True Neutral

A pure magician, unlike Marisa. She possesses superb wisdom and no one can outmatch her with the amount of trivial knowledge she has. She's easily one of the most powerful magician in the entirety of Gensokyo if it weren't for her frail body and anemia. One of the Remilia's closest friends, she currently resides within the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the Voile Library, alongside her familiar, Koakuma.

Non-battle Theme: Solitary Place (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Battle Theme: Voile, the Magic Library (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Origin: Touhou Project - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Hong Meiling, The Scarlet Wall

"I shall protect this gate with my life! ...Just cut me some slack."

Alignment: Neutral Good

A youkai with Chinese origins, Meiling is a martial artist specializing in controlling Chi. She's the gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but can easily doze off. Sakuya often berates her for being lazy. In truth though, she's actually rather competent in her work. She befriended some of the nearby fairies from the lake due to the close proximity between them.


Non-battle Theme: Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

Battle Theme: Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (dBu Music)

Origin: Touhou Project - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Alice Margatroid, The Rainbow Puppeteer

"I don't need to show you the full extent of my capabilities."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A pure magician who resides in close proximity with Marisa. She's a skilled magician and master puppeteer. She's an introvert who rarely interacts with others and prefers to find seclusion in her dolls. Among the dolls she made, she's closest with Shanghai and Hourai. Despite being a powerful magician, she tends to hold back her full power in order to focus more on strategy, which also contrasts with Marisa's tendency to blow stuff up quickly.

Non-battle Theme: Unexpected Visitor (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Battle Theme: the Grimoire of Alice (Sengoku Gensokyo)

Origin: Touhou Project - Mystic Square

Konpaku Youmu, The Two-Sword Fencing of Life

"My duty is to protect Yuyuko-sama."

Alignment: Lawful Good

A half-ghost half-human gardener serving Saigyouji Yuyuko. She's extremely loyal to Yuyuko and acts as her guardian. She carries the Roukanken, a sword which can kill ten ghosts in one swipe which is also renowned as a blade that can cut anything and the Konpaku ancestral weapon, Hakurouken, which can dispel confusion to any it cuts. She uses both swords at once both for guarding the Netherworld and for gardening.

Non-battle Theme: Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Battle Theme: Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird Demo Ver (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Origin: Touhou Project - Perfect Cherry Blossom

Saigyouji Yuyuko, The Ruler of the Netherworld

"You know why they call ghosts, ghosts? ...Right."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The ghost who presides over the Netherworld in Hakugyokurou. She's a lighthearted, cheerful and friendly individual despite being a ghost. Unlike other ghosts, she retains her human form, albeit with a lighter hair color and skin tone. She acts silly most of the time which can sometimes mislead one into thinking she's a ditz. She's also rather well-known for being unmatched in her appetite.  However, underneath that smile, is a perceptive and cunning side that displays a profound amount of knowledge. She can invoke death to any living being if she wills it.

Non-battle Theme: Ultimate Truth (dBu Music)

Battle Theme: Border of Life (Any version)

Origin: Touhou Project - Perfect Cherry Blossom

Yakumo Yukari, The Eighth Cloud at the Edge of the Inverted Rainbow

"Everything is just as I planned it."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The Youkai Sage. She's considered as the most powerful being in Gensokyo. She's smart, cunning, manipulative and rather lazy. She has the capability to manipulate borders and alter the fabric of reality because of this. Even then, her only concern is to maintain the order in Gensokyo, even through malevolent means. However, she's not one to pass by in creating amusement once in a while...

Non-battle Theme: Maiden`s Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy (Perfect Cherry Blossom)

Battle Theme: Opening (BloodOver)

Origin: Touhou Project - Perfect Cherry Blossom

Rebellion's Heart

A group formed on March 15, 2014 by Chris and Amasawa Ikumi. They are a rebellious movement who does volunteer work. They weren't well known in urban areas but was renowned in the provinces. Most prominently in Okinawa. They were later joined by Sol Badguy whom later took on mercenary jobs as a side task. After about three months, Ikumi left the group due to her dislike of the current practices of Rebellion's Heart, just as Saotome Jin was about to join. Afterwards, Rebellion's Heart became an entirely independent freelance mercenary group. But after June 2, 2014, their work was opposed by The Faction. Due to that, they swore revenge and decided to join a tournament The Faction were involved in. Chris managed to recruit Tohno Shiki before the start of said tournament.

Current Members:


-Sol Badguy

-Saotome Jin

-Tohno Shiki

Former Members:

-Amasawa Ikumi

The Faction

A group formed a year after the 2012 End of the World theory was proven false and after the collapse of Vega's Shadoloo organization. Alongside Zao Mai, Vega formed this group under the idea of slowly destroying the current government and having himself as the ruler, in order to end the corruption and poverty in the world. Vega had just intentions, due to this, Zao Mai left the Faction shortly thereafter due to conflicting interests. Eventually, he encounters Ein, who he defeated in combat and took under his wing. She remains as his most loyal ally even up to the present. During 2014, Vega discovered the ruins of Eve's Duet and discovered the Seal of Orochi within it. Orochi's Will influenced him into unsealing the serpent, however, Vega doesn't have the capabilities to do so, due to the divine dragon guarding the seal to Orochi. Because of this, he started working on reconstructing Eve's Duet into a battle arena to find a suitable individual who can destroy the divine dragon. He also began a mercenary career  to gain funds for the reconstruction.

Current Members:

-Vega                -Dr. Albert W. Wily

-Ein                   -Silver

-Juggernaut      -Akatsuki Musashi

-Michael Roa Valdamjong

Former Members:

-Zao Mai

Gensokyo Residence

Somewhere in Japan, there lies an enigmatic land where humans are scarce and Youkai are abundant. A so-called paradise, Gensokyo. A pocket dimension concealed by the Great Hakurei Barrier, and maintained by the Hakurei Maiden. Known locales include The Hakurei Shrine, The Forest of Magic, The Human Village and The Youkai Mountains. It's likely possible more would appear given it's resident guardian's habit that caused the border to weaken...