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Azure Fang MUGEN Information Database

The 2nd Chapter of HvH. Continues the conflict between Rebellion's Heart and The Faction.

Izayoi Sakuya, The Perfect and Elegant Maid

"Your time is mine."

Alignment: Neutral Good 

The ever-loyal chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Sakuya excels in cooking, cleaning and does exceptionally better in fending off intruders. She`s loyal to Remilia and will do anything her mistress will order. She`s purely a normal human, but has high magical potential. She can control time itself. Her loyalties only lie within Remilia, but she has started to gain attachment for Gensokyo and will sometimes decide to directly intervene in incidents if it starts to affect the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Non-battle Theme: Flowering Night (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Battle Theme: Lunar Clock - Lunar Dial (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Origin: Touhou Project - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Ishima Kaigen, The Former Commander

"This isn't a game anymore. It's a matter of life and death. Are you ready to throw away your life if the time comes?"

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A soldier who fights using a katana. Despite her appearance, she's actually an 82 year-old soldier who retired just recently. She recently returned from her retirement once again this time on the lookout for the mysterious blue-haired swordsman, Tokuhana Hisei. She's been getting weaker due to her age and it doesn't seem likely she'll last another decade. Despite that, she's still a formidable warrior. Her code of honor remains strong and she still looks out for her companions.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: Blinded by Light (Final Fantasy XIII)

Origin: Hanachirasu

Tenrou Kunagi, The White Wolf

"I won't spare you."

Alignment: Lawful Good

A 'young' woman who holds a demonic wolf curse within her. She's older than she looks. She doesn't do well with some people and generally just blurts out what's on her mind. She acts independently from Bounty Hunter's Guild but has been known to lend a hand once in a while. Friends with Amasawa Ikumi. Zanma Rouga is her husband.


Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: Theme of Kunagi (Big Bang Beat)

Origin: Big Bang Age

Kung Fu Man, The True Master of Kung Fu

"What do you mean my girlfriend is in another temple?"

Alignment: Neutral Good

Renowned worldwide as the finest martial artist ever born. Some consider him the next Bruce Lee. When he was younger, his girlfriend was kidnapped by a man who calls himself Suave Dude. Of course, he managed to save her, but it took him several years of waiting just to find Suave Dude's whereabouts. In his current age, he seeks to find far more powerful foes, far beyond anything the world can throw at him. Be it demons and gods. The amount of those who have beaten him is still in the single digits.

Non-battle Theme: Truth of Edge (Onimusha 2 Orchestra Album Taro Iwasiro Selection)

Battle Theme: Truth of Edge

Origin: The Point of Origin, MUGEN's 1st Character

Arsene Lupin III, The World's Greatest Thief

"Your everything is mine for the taking."

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Grandson of Arsene Lupin, Lupin III travels the world with Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII and sometimes with Fujiko Mine. He's a master thief and tends to be rather heroic. Kind of like a modern day Robin Hood. He usually hides in a facade of a buffoon, but within the mask, he possesses countless knowledge on the arts of thievery. He can easily embody the concept of 'Brains beat Brawns'.

Non-battle Theme: Lupin III 1978 full theme (Lupin III)

Battle Theme: Lupin III 1978 full theme

Origin: Lupin III

Ruby Heart, The Flying Pirate

"Rip et à la déchirure! Ne laissez rien derrière! Prenez leurs vies!"

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Infamous pirate renowned for her flying ship. Her nationality is unknown but she speaks French. Like Lupin, she's a thief with a heroic streak but sticks to a grayer morally compared to him. She has a passion for jewels and rarely steals gold. Often, she tends to get hired by organizations who seeks to make use of her flying ship.


Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Marvel vs Capcom 2

Spirit of Arisato Minato, The Great Seal


Alignment: Neutral Good

A young high school student who sacrificed his life in order to prevent the end of humanity. A lingering remnant of his spirit lives on and re-appears during full moons. He can summon manifestations known as Personas using a gun-shaped object called an Evoker. He also has mastery with multiple forms of weapons, though it is generally considered his trademark weapon is a sword crafted from the Persona, Lucifer.

Non-battle Theme: Burn my Dread (Persona 3)

Battle Theme: Burn my Dread -Last Battle- (Persona 3)

Origin: Persona 3

Yamata no Orochi (Spirit), The Serpent of Yamata

"Humanity will fall."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The spirit of the Serpent of the Eight Valleys, Yamata no Orochi. He embodies Orochi's hate for humanity and seeks to eradicate mankind for the sake of Gaia, Mother Nature. He has god-like strength and tremendous pure and raw power. Due to his lack of a corporeal body, he cannot manifest in the real world without a host or if his original body is unsealed. Despite his hate for humanity, he has shown recognition of their potential to change, but he will test this potential whenever he re-appears in the real world...

Non-battle Theme: Manifestation of Evil (Warriors Orochi)

Battle Theme: Theme of Orochi -Rebirth Mix- (Warriors Orochi Z)

Origin: King of Fighters

Chris, The Crimson Meteor

"All according to plan."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The founder of Rebellion's Heart. A smiling young man who has a knack for preparing ahead of time. He's a straightforward fighter who adapts through situations easily... while smiling. Underneath that smile though, hides a tactical genius which can easily overcome opponents with quick prejudice. He's still the leader of Rebellion's Heart, but a lingering hatred for The Faction has grown in his heart, especially for Ein. He tends to make more reckless decisions due to this.

Non-battle Theme: Lawless Guys (Wild Arms XF)

Battle Theme: Duel Theme 6 (GunZ: The Duel)

Origin: King of Fighters

Amasawa Ikumi, The Bloody Genocide

"Just enjoy the Genocide."

Alignment: True Neutral

A girl who has access to an uncontrollable bloodlust. She's a calm, collected individual who has analytical prowess that outmatches many of her age. After deserting Rebellion's Heart, she eventually returned and became 2nd in command once again. At times, she acts as the de facto leader because of Chris' recent streak of reckless behavior. This caused her to improve on her leadership skills and is now equal or maybe even greater than Chris in terms of leading capabilities.

Non-battle Theme: An Old Story from Grandma (Mabinogi)

Battle Theme: The War is Begin (Valkyrie Sky)

Origin: Moon.

Sol Badguy, The Immoral Flame

"Let's crank up the heat up to eleven."

Alignment: Neutral Good

A mysterious person who wields a sword which can control fire. He's partly a jerk and partly a nice guy. He's actually an artifical human, a gear, as revealed in Eve's Duet, but only Makoto knows it. His position as the brawns of Rebellion's Heart has been cemented and whenever a huge job comes up, he's often the one on the front lines. He has grown strong over the course of Eve's Duet and develops a brother-sister relationship with Makoto, whom he's the only one capable of tolerating.

Non-battle Theme: Lawless Guys (Wild Arms XF)

Battle Theme: Keep Yourself Alive III (Guilty Gear 2: Overture)

Origin: Guilty Gear

Saotome Jin, The Cyberbot Champion

"If you get in our way, the consequences will not be pretty."

Alignment: Chaotic Good

A lone wanderer with a giant mecha known as a Variant Armor, the BX-02 Blodia. He seeks to become the strongest fighter in honor of his dead father. He has come to terms with Ikumi and acts as a scout for Rebellion's Heart. Whenever reconnaissance is needed, Jin is usually on the job. Like Sol, his strength has improved after the events of Eve's Duet and he has slowly warmed up to almost everyone.

Non-battle Theme: Lawless Guys (Wild Arms XF)

Battle Theme: Geometric blue - on the edge of orbit (RAY KUDRYAVKA musiX)

Origin: Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness

Tohno Shiki, The Eyes of Death Perception

"This is what it means to kill."

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Tohno Shiki is a young man possessing the ability to "perceive the death of all things", which appears as black lines running all over a person or object. He has a honest and kind personality. But he`s rather dense. After the events of Eve's Duet, Shiki has joined Rebellion's Heart as a supporting member whenever something arises. His Mystic Eyes have grown stronger and he now has access to more deadlier techniques. Coupled with his Nanaya heritage, he's grown to be a fierce fighter, fitting for the champion of Eve's Duet.

Non-battle Theme: Justice (Shingetsutan Tsukihime)

Battle Theme: Wonderful Boy (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Tsukihime

Sawatari Makoto, The Kitsune Gunslinger

"Makoto's gonna be the heroine one day!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

A young girl who is actually a fox given human form. Young and quite immature, she often wanders around whenever she has nothing to do... and frequently causes mischief that way. She currently stays in the Tohno Mansion after joining Rebellion's Heart. She's quite close friends with Sol Badguy, whom she shares a brother-sister relationship, due to an understanding that developed between them during the course of Eve's Duet. As of the present, she is almost on par with her mentor, Dante, in terms of skills.

Non-battle Theme: Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan)

Battle Theme: Kimi ga Ireba

Origin: Kanon

Hakurei Reimu, The Shrine Maiden of Paradise

"I don't have time to waste on small fry like you."

Alignment: Lawful Good

The Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. She possesses extraordinary power... but she rarely trains. She has friendly personality and generally gets along with most people. Most. Normally, she enjoys the days drinking tea at her shrine but when an incident comes she`ll attempt to resolve it. ...Most of the time. Recently, she hasn't resolved incidents, leaving it to Sakuya.

Non-battle Theme: Eternal Shrine Maiden (Dolls of Pseudo Paradise)

Battle Theme: Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Origin: Touhou Project - Highly Responsive to Prayers

Kirisame Marisa, The Ordinary Black Magician

"Now unleash your annihilation of love!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

A human magician specializing in spark and star-based magic. She's equal to Reimu in terms of power, but has to work hard just to be in equal terms. She's rather smug and snarky and has a shaky friendship with Reimu due to that. She has begun to learn the arts of thievery as a side occupation. Usually, when an incident happens, she follows Reimu's trail, except recently, where Reimu hasn't done much, which made Marisa think that no incidents have occurred.

Non-battle Theme: Ridiculous Game (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Battle Theme: Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star

Origin: Touhou Project - Story of Eastern Wonderland

Remilia Scarlet, The Queen of the Night

"The moon tonight is red, you will know death."

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

A 500-year old vampire who resides in Gensokyo alongside her younger sister, Flandre Scarlet. She's an arrogant and overconfident vampire proud of her own heritage. She looks down upon the weak and insults all of those around her. The mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, her great charisma has led several under her wing, like Sakuya Izayoi and Hong Meiling. Remilia wields unparalleled powers Physically and Magically. As of late, her boredom has often caused her to do reckless things, much to Sakuya's dismay.

Non-battle Theme: The Young Descendant of Tepes (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

Battle Theme: Septette for the Dead Princess (Any version)

Origin: Touhou Project - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Alice Margatroid, The Rainbow Puppeteer

"I don't need to show you the full extent of my capabilities."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A pure magician who resides in close proximity with Marisa. She's a skilled magician and master puppeteer. She's an introvert who rarely interacts with others and prefers to find seclusion in her dolls. Among the dolls she made, she's closest with Shanghai and Hourai. She started to open up to Gensokyo after the Endless Winter incident and often came to the human village in order to host puppet shows.

Non-battle Theme: Unexpected Visitor (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Battle Theme: the Grimoire of Alice (Sengoku Gensokyo)

Origin: Touhou Project - Mystic Square

Saigyouji Yuyuko, The Ruler of the Netherworld

"You know why they call ghosts, ghosts? ...Right."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The ghost who presides over the Netherworld in Hakugyokurou. She's a lighthearted, cheerful and friendly individual despite being a ghost. Unlike other ghosts, she retains her human form, albeit with a lighter hair color and skin tone. She acts silly most of the time which can sometimes mislead one into thinking she's a ditz. She's also rather well-known for being unmatched in her appetite.  However, underneath that smile, is a perceptive and cunning side that displays a profound amount of knowledge. She can invoke death to any living being if she wills it.

Non-battle Theme: Ultimate Truth (dBu Music)

Battle Theme: Border of Life (Any version)

Origin: Touhou Project - Perfect Cherry Blossom

Ibuki Suika, The Drunk Oni of Density

"The Oni never lies!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

One of the Four Devas of the mountain. She is one of the most powerful residents of Gensokyo. She's cheerful and bombastic and likes to party. For generations, nobody has ever seen her sober. As an Oni, one one of her key traits is never to lie. She also carries a gourd that never runs out of whatever liquid it has at that moment.


Non-battle Theme: Broken Moon (Immaterial and Missing Power)

Battle Theme: Broken Moon (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Origin: Touhou Project - Immaterial and Missing Power

Reisen Udongein Inaba, The Mad Red Eyes

"Left, right, up and down... Your sense of direction is already out of order."

Alignment: Neutral Good

A Moon Rabbit originating from... well, the moon. She's an excellent gunner and trained with the use of firearms. One of her key traits is the ability to cause insanity and confusion or in short, lunacy using her eyes. Ironically enough, she's generally plays the role of the straight (wo)man among the weirdos in Gensokyo.

Non-battle Theme: Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon (Imperishable Night)

Battle Theme: Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Origin: Touhou Project - Imperishable Night

Yagokoro Eirin, The Brain of the Moon

"Let's practice medicine."

 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

 The most skillful pharmacist known. She's a former lunarian sage who truly represents Wisdom. She was the one who created the Hourai Elixir per Kaguya's request, which caused the latter to be executed and eventually exiled on Earth. After Kaguya was requested to return to the moon, Eirin was one of the emisarries sent to take her back, but in the last minute, she betrayed them, switching loyalties to the former princess. In the present, she acts as a doctor in Gensokyo, though they have to take the routes of the labyrinth-ish Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

 Non-battle Theme: Gensyoko Millenium - History of the Moon (Imperishable Night)

Battle Theme: Gensyoko Millenium - the Brain of the Moon (dBu Music)

Origin: Touhou Project - Imperishable Night

Houraisan Kaguya, The Sinner of Eternity and the Instant

"How's that? With this, your Imperishable Night will be broken!"

Alignment: True Neutral

The Princess of the Moon, Kaguya-hime. The very same one from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. She was the one who asked Eirin to create the Hourai Elixir. Soon enough, her crime was discovered and she was executed for it, but being immortal, she lived. It was eventually decided that they will just exile her on Earth afterwards. Time passes and she was granted permission to return to the moon. However, she decided to stay on Earth. Among Gensokyo, she holds the record for having the greatest amount of spellcards.

Non-battle Theme: Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess (Imperishable Night)

Battle Theme: Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ the Lunatic Princess (dBu Music)

Origin: Touhou Project - Imperishable Night

Fujiwara no Mokou, The Everburning Bamboo Phoenix

"The guts of this trial are the smoke of Mt. Fuji... The eternal volcanic ash reaching to the moon. Born in endless flames, An ever-resurrecting phoenix."

Alignment: True Neutral

One time, a man proposed to a woman. However, he was shamed by the woman asking for an impossible request. The man had a daughter, who despised the woman for humiliating her father. That daughter was Mokou. She saught revenge against Kaguya and ended up drinking the Hourai Elixir as well. This has granted her immortality and enough time to prepare for the time she finally confronts Kaguya. Many times pass and Mokou actually found Kaguya, and a cycle of death began between them. By that point though, no malice was present.

Non-battle Theme: Extend Sky (CROW'SCLAW)

Battle Theme: Immortal Madness (CROW'SCLAW)

Origin: Touhou Project - Imperishable Night

Morichika Rinnosuke, The Store Owner of Kourindou

"That's not for sale."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A half-human half-youkai shopkeeper residing between the Human Village and the Forest of Magic, thinking he'll be able to earn well by being between Youkai and Human. He didn't. Most of the time, his 'customers' are freeloaders like Reimu and Marisa. He has the ability to know what an object he touches is used for. Yukari is his business partner whenever he needs information on more modern items on his inventory.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Touhou Project - Curiosities of Lotus Asia

Yakumo Yukari, The Eighth Cloud at the Edge of the Inverted Rainbow

"Everything is just as I planned it."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The Youkai Sage. She's considered as the most powerful being in Gensokyo. She's smart, cunning, manipulative and rather lazy. She has the capability to manipulate borders and alter the fabric of reality because of this. Even then, her only concern is to maintain the order in Gensokyo, even through malevolent means. However, she's not one to pass by in creating amusement once in a while. on recent occasions, she has felt the presence of a being similar to hers residing in the Outside World, thus, she decided to start looking on what is happening on the Outside World.

Non-battle Theme: Maiden`s Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy (Perfect Cherry Blossom)

Battle Theme: Opening (BloodOver)

Origin: Touhou Project - Perfect Cherry Blossom

Zaiko Matsuri, The Master of Death

"Sorry. But this is where it ends. I leave the rest to you guys."

Alignment: Neutral Mad

Under the alias of Zao Mai, he seeks to cause wanton destruction and disaster for revenge against the world for killing her beloved, Shakera. He's actually a half-angel half-demon from another world who became trapped in Earth. In truth, a dark spirit possessed him and corrupted him during his stay. Originally, he was a kind-hearted man who is a hero of justice.


Non-battle Theme: Imperial Cruiser (Evolution: Sacred Device)

Battle Theme: Greywolf (Headhunter)

Origin: Original

Nosferatu Zodd, The Pride of the Fallen

Alignment: Lawful Evil

A powerful demon from another dimension who found his way on our home dimension on Zaiko's assistance. He seeks to find an enemy who is strong enough to surpass him.

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Berserk

Blackheart, The Greed of the Black King

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Born from pure evil, Blackheart is a being who seeks to convert others to the side of darkness and gather enough souls to return from his exile in Hell.

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Marvel Comics

Bishamon, The Wrath of Blood

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

A number of spirits contained in a suit of armor and a bloodsucking katana. He mindlessly slaughters anything that comes his way.

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Darkstalkers

Living Armor, The Sloth of Steel

Alignment: True Neutral

A sentient suit of armor who only acts on orders of a master.

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Original?

Alice, The Envy of Spirit

Alignment: True Neutral

A young girl who died a sad death and gained massive magical powers that drove her insane. She appears at night to seek 'friends'.

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Shin Megami Tensei

Lilith, The Lust of the Succubus

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

A fragment of Morrigan Aensland's soul which gained it's own will. She seeks to become one with Morrigan.

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Night Warriors

Nrvnqsr Chaos, The Lair of the Beast King/The Glutton of the Primordial Chaos

"He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is six hundred and sixty and six."

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The 10th Dead Apostle Ancestor. He has absorbed 666 beasts and monsters within his body, creating an inhuman mass of chaos. Known for being virtually immortal, he seeks to find the chaos that lies within him. Due to his fading consciousness, he has began to exhibit feral states on random moments.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: I'll Face Myself -Battle- (Persona 4)

Origin: Tsukihime

Silver, The Destructive Giant

"Crush all who opposes us!"

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

A large man who trained body and mind to peak power. Many fear him for his appearance and he awaits any who wishes to challenge him. After The Faction was disbanded, he decided to return to being a hermit. In took some convincing from Wily and Ein for him to rejoin The Faction afterwards. He's not as loyal as Ein to The Faction and the only reason he still works with them is to find stronger opponents.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: massive strokes (Chaos Legion)

Origin: Buriki One

Dr. Albert W. Wily, The Mastermind of Robots

"Now go. Destroy them. That's an order!"

Alignment: True Neutral

Infamous for his role in creating the first robot, Wily is a megalomaniacial individual who once used robots as a way of ruling the world. After the disbanding of The Faction, he decided to gather the last remaining loyal members of The Faction, Ein and Silver, to find Vega's murderer. He has falled back into a supporting role and never actively fights unlike last time. He now acts as the leader of The Faction and is actually quite competent in what he does.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Megaman/Rockman

Ein, The Phantom of Inferno

"This is my final order."

Alignment: True Neutral

Known as the SS-ranked Assassin. She is completely devoted to her work and never expresses emotion, almost to the point of being a machine. Outside of work, she usually remains idle, awaiting the next mission to be given to her. After the events of Eve's Duet, she seems to have opened a bit. She eventually re-joined The Faction after Wily set to gather up the remaining loyal members. She's still devoted to her duty but only remains loyal to Vega, not Wily. She only follows Wily because he's her superior.

Non-battle Theme: Mission (Phantom the Animation)

Battle Theme: Search and Destroy (Phantom of Inferno)

Origin: Phantom of Inferno

Kawasumi Mai, The Quiet Flash

"Be efficient."

Alignment: Neutral Good

Originally went to a school in Monomi, after she graduated, she became a full-fledged demon hunter. She honed her sword skills on her school days as she hunts down ghosts that lurk within her school, which are actually fragments of her own soul. The end story of that is unknown. She is a practitioner of the Iai sword style and moves at blinding speed. Like Ein, she's extremely focused, but their main difference is she can express her emotions.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme I: Shinma Battle (Vampire Princess Miyu)

Battle Theme II: Wondering Destiny (Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos)

Origin: Kanon

Dante, The Hunter of His Own Kind


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Legendary demon hunter temporarily staying in Japan. His achievements are known far and wide among the demon hunters around the world. Ironically, he's actually the son of a powerful demon who betrayed his own kind, Sparda. He doesn't embrace his demonic heritage though, which is shown by his affinity with using man-made arsenals. He's rather carefree and has a knack for mocking his enemies.

Non-battle Theme: Dante Appears (Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne)

Battle Theme: Dante Battle (Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne)

Origin: Devil May Cry

Ciel, The 7th of the Burial Agency

"I shall exorcise you in the name of the Lord!"

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A servant of the Church. She's a member of the Burial Agency, a group of executors who destroy any supernatural threats per the Church's orders. She's completely devoted to her duty and is actually quite dangerous. She masks her duty in a guise of a cheerful schoolgirl, with obsession of curry... maybe. As of the present, she still continues residing in Misaki for unknown reasons. Perhaps by the Church's orders...

Non-battle Theme: Demoniac (Shingetsutan Tsukihime)

Battle Theme: Truth Behind the Project (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

Origin: Tsukihime

Ryu, The Street Fighter Master

"You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!"

Alignment: Lawful Good

Renowned martial artist who was made famous for his legendary hadouken, whom he learned from his master, Gouken. In truth, his fighting style is actually a type of Anatsuken turned non-lethal by Gouken. He acts as a high-ranking member in Bounty Hunter's Guild, mostly doing the more high risk work. He's usually seen hanging out with Kanzaki Hayato on several occasions.

Non-battle Theme: Arch Nemesis (Big Big and Bigger)

Battle Theme: Theme of Ryu (Marvel vs Capcom 3)

Origin: Street Fighter

Kanzaki Hayato, The Star Gladiator

"Slice and dice. That's it."

Alignment: Chaotic Good

One of the Ace Mercenaries. Hayato is a powerful swordsman who tends to work alone. He's not one to back down from saving someone's hide in times of need and has shown chivalrous acts several times. His recognition has earned him high respect among the Guild. Despite that, he still tends to be called a "Jedi" by some of his peers. He's used to it by this point though.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: The Sin War (RAY KUDRYAVKA musiX)

Origin: Star Gladiator

Yamazaki Agito of The Dark

"You're gonna get it now!"

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Skillful user of knives, renowned leader of a large gang, master of the dark arts and all-around powerful and charismatic... At least, that's how he was described. For an ordinary human, he's actually quite powerful, but considering the cast of HvH, he's at a severe disadvantage. However, it has been shown he can be dangerous when you call him a 'shabazo'... He's officially known as the butt monkey of HvH.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: Dungeon 2 (Grandia)

Origin: Big Bang Beat

Sion Eltnam Atlasia, The Alchemist of Atlas

"It's all in my calculations."

Alignment: True Neutral

An alchemist from the Atlas branch of the Mage's Association. She's a fugitive who's on the run from them and the Church. In terms of analytical prowess, she is one of the most efficient, due to possessing the capability to have multiple thought processes, which allows her to have parralel thoughts all at once. This often makes her rather personality rather mechanical. She seeks to find a cure for vampirism.

Non-battle Theme: Recollection (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Battle Theme: Encount (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Melty Blood

Saber, The Shining Hero

"Prepare yourself!"

Alignment: Lawful Good

A servant of the Saber class. She is a powerful warrior who carries a sword shrouded in Invisible Air. Knowing what her sword is will be enough in order to uncover her true identity. In the present, she seeks to find a new master before she fades away. For a servant needs a master's mana in order to stay in existence.


Non-battle Theme: The Promised Sword of Victory (Fate/Stay Night)

Battle Theme: Gunyuu Shissou (Fate/Stay Night)

Origin: Fate/Stay Night

Tokuhana Hisei/Max Reco, The Blue-eyed Azure Knight

"Uh, no. I'm just a jerkass."

Alignment: Neutral Good

A mysterious blue-eyed swordsman. His true identity and origin is shrouded in mystery. In fact, it almost seems like he's not from this world. He possesses a shapeshifting sword and the ability to materialize blue fire. He's shown to be rather deadpan, sarcastic and cynical, to the point that it's been shown that he barely takes thing seriously, except in battle, where he becomes a fierce warrior that most will find hard to defeat. In the present, he seems to be looking for his fiancee, with whom he was separated from.

Non-battle Theme: I'll Face Myself -Special version- (Persona Music Compilation)

Battle Theme I: Stage 3 Theme Type II [Sniper] (BloodOver)

Battle Theme II: Intrude Upon Happiness, Plunder the Future (Wild Arms XF)

Origin: Original

Nanaya Shiki, The Last Nanaya

"Well then, let`s kill..."

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

What if the Nanaya clan was never wiped out? Tohno Shiki would become Nanaya Shiki, a cold-blooded killer who seeks to fulfill his greatest desire: The desire to kill. Unlike Tohno, he has no access to the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, but he doesn't even need it considering how efficient he is in his passion.

Non-battle Theme: Track Unknown (Melty Blood Re-ACT)

Battle Theme: Reach Out to the Truth -First Battle- (Persona 4)

Origin: Kagetsu Tohya

Yamazaki Rojin, The One Who Holds the 7th Moon

"Screw the rules, I have money!"

Alignment: Chaotic Good

A young man wearing a green suit. He seems to have been trained in the same arts as the Nanaya Clan and also carries a knife that closely resembles the Nanatsu-yoru. However, despite all these connections, he has no relation with the Nanaya Clan. He's currently broke and seems to be suffering from amnesia after an accident in his bathroom.

Non-battle Theme: Elegant Blaze (Real Cadenza)

Battle Theme: Mighty Obstacle (Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim)

Origin: Original

Nezayu Herashi, The Teardrop of Velvet

"Woe to you. You're like a dew."

Alignment: Lawful Good

A man who wears a velvet suit. He possesses semi-powerful magical potential and has a specialty in breaking barriers. For some reason, he carries an extremely durable glass knife. Like Max, not much info can be found on him, like he's from a completely different world. Strangely, he seems to have connections with 'Her'.

Non-battle Theme: Crystal Teardrop (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

Battle Theme: Magician Fight (House of the Dead 2)

Origin: Original

Len, The Black Cat with a White Heart


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A silent half-human half-cat familiar owned by Shiki. It's not that she can't speak, it's that she prefers not to speak, according to Shiki. She usually takes the guise of a black cat whenever she can. she rarely reveals her true form unless necessary.



Non-battle Theme: Stray cat (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Battle Theme: Stray cat (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Kagetsu Tohya

White Len, The White Cat with a Black Heart

"I'm the superior one."

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The Yin to Len's Yang, despite being the white one. She was created from the remnants of TATARI and an uneeded portion of Len by Aoko, planning to make White Len her familiar. This eventually backfired due to Len herself intervening. In the future, White Len will make a contract with Nanaya Shiki in order to preserve her existence, which, likewise, would make sure Nanaya would exist.

Non-battle Theme: Fairy Tale transparently -Dual Mix- (malice600)

Battle Theme: Fairy Tale transparently -Dual Mix- (malice600)

Origin: Melty Blood ReACT

Tohno Akiha, The Lady of the Manor

"I am the head of the Tohno Family! Don't think it is that easy to confront me!"

Alignment: True Neutral

The head of the Tohno Family. She is a simple person. However, despite her simplicity, she hides a demonic abiliy to plunder the heat from another person. She managed to supress majority of her demon heritage. Due to unknown circumstances since Tohno Makihisa's death, Akiha sent majority of the servants away except for sisters Hisui and Kohaku. She is a protective younger sister to Shiki, much to his dismay. Her distrust for Ikumi carries on even if it's been ages. It's unknown if they can make up any time soon...

Non-battle Theme: Elegant Summer (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Battle Theme: Noble Mind

Origin: Tsukihime

Kohaku, The Devil in the Apron

"This won't hurt one bit!"

Alignment: Chaotic Mad

A maid of the Tohno Mansion. She's Akiha's personal maid, cook and gardener. She has some basic understanding and medicine and is actually quite skilled in many unknown fields. Underneath that sunshine smile though... lies a broken doll with cunning intellect. She has a small role unlike last time so not much can be said about her.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: PE-RI-CA (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Tsukihime

Hisui, The Jade-eyed Facade

"Um, if you excuse me..."

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A maid of the Tohno Mansion. She was assigned as Shiki's personal maid. When it comes to cleaning, she's unmatched. However, Kohaku is still a superior gardener compared to Hisui. She doesn't excel in cooking either. However, despite all that setbacks, she has a unique capability of hypnotism. Even with a calm face, she can dictate that you are the criminal. She still has a minor role in Azure Fang.

Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: Tenseness (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Origin: Tsukihime

Zanma Rouga, The White Fang

"I'll take you on any time! ....that's all!"

A powerful fighter. He's not a wild card and often gets caught in situations that doesn't concern him. He seeks to become one of the greatest fighters known to man and has been seeking the Kung Fu Man because of this. He's engaged to Tenrou Kunagi.




Non-battle Theme: n/a

Battle Theme: n/a

Origin: Big Bang Age

Pure Genocide Ikumi, The Ultimate Vermilion Genocide


Alignment: Chaotic Mad

Due to the shock Ikumi went through after the revelation that Chris became the host of Orochi, coupled with Sakuya's psychological impact over her current decisions, Ikumi's unstable mind breaks down and she loses control of her psychic abilities. She becomes relentless and dangerous, and it is highly advised that you do not get in her way once she's set her mind on a goal. She loses sight of friend or foe and attacks anyone who gets in her way. Most of her rationality is lost and the most effective way of returning her to her senses is to knock her out. But, that is already an endearing task by itself, considering how powerful she became.

Non-battle Theme: The War is Begin (Valkyrie Sky)

Battle Theme: Song Compilation - Last Intentions (Song Mix)

Origin: Original (Based on Ikumi's Genocide mode)

Rebellion's Heart

A group formed on March 15, 2014 by Chris and Amasawa Ikumi. They are a rebellious movement who does volunteer work. They weren't well known in urban areas but was renowned in the provinces. Most prominently in Okinawa. They boast a strong bond with each other, that most of their work requires teamwork and cooperation between each members. Due to this, they're very well known for their high success ratings. As of the present, they are current led by both founders, with Ikumi often taking leadership when Chris isn't up to it. While Shiki is considered a member, he's mostly inactive since he's the only one that goes to school.

Current Members:


-Amasawa Ikumi 

-Sol Badguy

-Saotome Jin

-Sawatari Makoto

Inactive Members:

-Tohno Shiki


Gensokyo Residence


Somewhere in Japan, there lies an enigmatic land where humans are scarce and Youkai are abundant. A so-called paradise, Gensokyo. A pocket dimension concealed by the Great Hakurei Barrier, and maintained by the Hakurei Maiden. Known locales include The Hakurei Shrine, The Forest of Magic, The Human Village and The Youkai Mountains. It's likely possible more would appear given it's resident guardian's habit that caused the border to weaken...


Yami no Akai Tsuki and the Seven Sins

Individuals summoned/controlled/befriended by Zaiko Matsuri to act as a seal for his base of operations. Due to the rule of cool, his recruits are symbolized by the seven capital sins. Yami no Akai Tsuki isn't actually a group, it represents Zaiko as a whole, but it's considered one since he has a buttload of henchmen for hire, which are noted to be far more stronger than Agito's gang members.


-Zaiko Matsuri

The Seven Sins:

-Nosferatu Zodd - Pride

-Blackheart - Greed

-Bishamon - Wrath

-Living Armor - Sloth

-Alice - Envy

-Lilith - Lust

-Nrvnqsr Chaos - Gluttony


The Faction Remnants

Remnants of the once powerful Faction. No longer well-funded and lacks any clear goal, majority of it's members have left the group, leaving only Ein and Wily, which are later re-joined by Silver. They no longer possess any malicious motives and mostly acts as a band of mercenary, but they are beginning to lose work due to the upstart Rebellion's Heart gaining fame for the past months. Bounty Hunter's Guild no longer consider them a threat they once were, further emphasizing just how far The Faction has fallen. Right now, only Ein has a clear goal: To kill Zao Mai, Vega's murderer.

Current Members:

-Dr. Albert W. Wily

-Ein                   -Silver


Demon Hunters

This does not refer to a single, unified group, but more to a split dozen of people who does supernatural-based missions. Most are independent and self-taught. Some are members of the Church, or other religious groups. Others are not even human. The most important thing is that they share the same job: Slaying things not of this world. They generally have the biggest amount of internal conflict thanks to Dante's influence.

Known Members:

-Kawasumi Mai



Bounty Hunter's Guild

Japan's largest mercenary organization founded after the end of World War II. Most fledgling mercenary groups often branch off from them. They have a solid amount of skilled warriors and handles international affairs. Worldwide, they are recognized as a private military organization and it's not uncommon for them to take jobs that have above-average risk. Their most powerful asset are their Seven Aces, which are scattered across the world, head of their respective areas. They answer directly to the Guildmaster. If all seven are called into HQ, that usually means an event of global proportions has occured. One of the most notable member is Ryu, who is
considered as the Guildmaster's right-hand man.